Author: Sally King


5 Benefits Of Coconut Water You Probably Didn’t Know About

We all know that a good diet can influence our health and the willingness we have to face the day-to-day. The secret is not just eating fruits and vegetables. Rather, eat a balanced diet with all foods in the right amounts. That’s because our bodies need a little of each food for us to have a healthy life.

One of the small changes you can make, but which has a big result, is to incorporate coconut water into your life. It is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated natural drinks in our country. It is usually consumed by us on hot days or when we go to the beach, in fact, it seems that going to the beach and not drinking coconut water doesn’t make sense.

Many of us drink coconut water to cool off on a hot day. Some other people use the drink to replace mineral salts, lost through sweating in physical activity. That’s because coconut water has few calories and virtually no fat and cholesterol. Besides having more potassium than four bananas.

Coconut water is highly recommended during the summer, however, the drink also goes very well during other times of the year. Furthermore, the coconut pulp can also be used to produce several things. Thus, we can consider coconut a very versatile fruit.

Because this fruit has all this versatility, we show here some benefits that coconut water brings us.

1 – Few Calories And Quench Your Thirst

These qualities are very important for a refreshing drink. Coconut water is ideal for quenching thirst and great for the diet as it has few calories. In addition to being a great option to quench your thirst, coconut water can also be incorporated into happy hour. Be it an appetizer with coconut water or even non-alcoholic cocktails.

2 – Strengthens Muscles And Brain

Coconut water is very rich in potassium, passing even the most known fruit for this mineral, the banana. And it is precisely because of this that muscle function is stimulated. Mineral salts, on the other hand, facilitate the functioning of the nervous system, therefore, the brain as well.

3 – Slows Down Aging

Coconut water is full of plant hormones that are known for their anti-aging effect. That’s why coconut water is an excellent ally in the fight against signs of age.

4 – Improves Digestion

Coconut water is also an excellent ally in improving digestion. That’s because thanks to the enzymes present in it, it manages to facilitate digestion. However, you must be careful not to overindulge in coconut water. Because in excess it can have a laxative effect.

5 – Rich In Good Nutrients

In order to have better health and a better functioning of the body as a whole, we always have to look for the best nutrients for our body. And coconut water is rich in B vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and antioxidants.

All of this makes it great for your entire body. In addition to helping to boost your immune system and limit the risk of cardiovascular problems.

A Pregnant Egyptian Mummy Was Discovered For The First Time


This mummy and its sarcophagus were donated to the University of Warsaw in 1826. And they’ve been kept in the National Museum in Warsaw, Poland since 1917. The discovery really has a pretty interesting story.

Initially, the mummy was considered a woman, probably because of its elaborate sarcophagus. And it was only around 1920, when the name on the coffin and carton was translated, that this perception changed. The writing revealed that the buried person was named Hor-Djehuty and had a high position.

“Scribe, priest of Horus-Thoth worshiped as a visiting deity on Mount Djeme, royal governor of the city of Petmiten, Hor-Djehuty, justified by voice, son of Padiamonemipet and mistress of a Tanetmin house,” read the translation.


However, in 2016, a CT scan revealed that the mummy might not have actually been Hor-Djehuty. That’s because the bones were too delicate, male reproductive organs were missing, and a three-dimensional reconstruction showed breasts.

And since the artifacts weren’t exactly treated with the best care in the 19th century, and the coffin and carton were in fact made for a male mummy, it looks like an entirely different mummy was placed in the sarcophagus at some point.

Because of some bandages on the mummy, probably caused by 19th century looters, it is impossible to know exactly who the woman was, or even if she had come from Thebes, where the coffin was found. Even so, some facts could be evaluated by the remains.

First, she was mummified with great care and a set of amulets. This suggested she was someone important, as mummification was a luxury in ancient Egypt.


The mummy died just over two thousand years ago, between 20 and 30 years. And the development of the fetus suggests that she was between the 26th and 30th week of pregnancy.

As the first pregnant mummy discovered, it raises questions about ancient Egyptian spiritual beliefs. It’s still not clear how she died. But the researchers believe that analysis of the mummy’s preserved soft tissue may provide some clues.

“The high mortality during pregnancy and childbirth at that time is no secret. Therefore, we believe that pregnancy can, in some way, contribute to the death of the young woman”, concluded Ejsmond.